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Trehalose in cosmetic preparation?

Trehalose is a sugar which is found actually in cactus plants. It is this sugar which protects cactus from drying in deserts and retaining water as trehalose has a property of ( Full Answer )
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What is the composition of trehalose?

Answer \n. \nTrehalose (or mycose) is a disaccharide composed of two glucose residues. The glucose residues are linked by an α 1→4 glycosidic bond.
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Two monosaccharides in trehalose?

As you look at the structural formula of Trehalose, look to the left side of it. Depending how it's drawn convert just that side to a Haworth projection to make it easier. The ( Full Answer )
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Is trehalose a reducing sugar?

Trehalose is a non-reducing sugar because of the orientation of the second glucose molecule. This orientation places this glucose's anomeric, or "first" carbon directly in the ( Full Answer )