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How many Parishes are there in Jamaica?

  There are 14 parishes in Jamacia They are:   Hanvor Parish Manchester Parish Saint Andrew Parish   Saint Elizabeth Parish Saint Ann Parish Saint Thomas Parish   (MORE)
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What is Jamaica' second largest parish?

St. Ann: Named after Ann Hyde, Wife of King James II of England. It is the largest parish in Jamaica and is also known as the "Garden Parish" because of its beautiful flowers (MORE)

What is the Parish name in Jamaica?

  correct parishes,westmoreland,portland,st.james,hanover,st elizabeth,manchester,clarendon,st.catherine,st andrew,st thomas,st ann,trelawny,st mary,kingston (capital of j (MORE)

How old is Jack Trelawny?

well Jack Trelawny is a kids Authour and he writes books verysovereign also he has visited more than 1,000 schools and a example of a book is called The Crystal Pool this is s (MORE)
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Why are there 14 parishes in Jamaica?

  The 14 parishes represented the episcopal administration of the Anglican church in Jamaica set up in the very early 1700's. Each parish represented the area served by an (MORE)
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What are the 14 parishes in Jamaica?

Jamaica is divided into fourteen parishes.ParishHASCISOFIPSPcPopulationArea(km.²)Area(mi.²)CtyCapital / Clarendon | JM.CL | 13 | JM01 | DCN | 237,024 | 1,196 | 462 | M | May (MORE)
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What are names of the parishes in Jamaica?

St.Andrew,Kingston,St.Catherine,Clarendon,Manchester,St.Elizabeth,Westmoreland,Hanover,   St.James,Trelawny,St.Ann,St.Mary,Portland,St.Tomas.
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