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What does a tremolo do?

Common Usage . A tremolo is a quick repetition of a note (or 2 notes/chords in alternation). It produces a rumbling, thundering effect if used in the bass, and when used so (MORE)

What is tremolo?

Tremolo is a rapid quivering change of volume. This is not to be confused with a small, rapid changes in pitch, which is known as vibrato.

Difference between tremolo arm and Floyd rose tremolo?

A tremolo arm is what allows one to use a tremolo. A tremolo is a mechanism in a stringed instrument that allows changing the pitch of all the strings simultaneously. The m (MORE)

What is a tremolo?

Depends what you mean by a tremolo.... If you mean a wammy bar on a guitar, then its a bridge that changes the pitch of all the strings at once. If you mean a tremolo pedal, (MORE)
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What is a tremolo on a guitar?

that depends on wat u mean. there is an effect pedal called tremolo, a type of bend called tremolo, and a part that goes on your guitar. You probably mean what is usually ca (MORE)
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Do you need a tremolo on a electirc guitar?

Not necessarily. I have guitars with and without tremolos (non-fixed and fixed bridges) and the tremolo is a good feature to have depending on the style you want to play. For (MORE)
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What is a tremolo pedal used for?

A tremolo pedal is used for rapid reiteration. Reiteration is particularly used on bowed string instruments and plucked string such as a harp or other instruments which uses a (MORE)