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What causes tremors?

  That can be from a number of causes. Usually they are related to the nervous system. They can be temporary, caused by anxiety, or more permanent, like the ones associate (MORE)
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What is meaning of tremors?

Tremors are involuntary muscle contractions and relaxations that  lead to the movement of several body parts. A common example of  tremors is the chattering of teeth in resp (MORE)
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What is the prognosis for tremor?

Essential tremor and the tremor caused by neurologic disease (including Parkinson's disease) slowly get worse and can interfere with a person's daily life.
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What is essential tremor?

An uncontrollable (involuntary) shaking of the hands, head, and face. Also called familial tremor because it is sometimes inherited, it can begin in the teens or in middle age (MORE)