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What trendy phrase do you need to catch Feebas in Dewford City in Pokemon Emerald?

Catching FEEBAS in emerald   To catch a Feebas it depends on the trendy phrase or whatever in Dewford Town.The spots are different for everyone.Just surf around the firs (MORE)
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What is the trendy phrase?

if u picked torchic as your starter the trendy phrase is "Top Torchic" and search the tile at the bottom of the lake. if u picked treecko as your starter the trendy phrase (MORE)

What are the trendy outfits for teens?

Teenagers have developed a myriad of styles that are popular today. Labels such as "emo", "prep", etc. are often attached to these styles, but one common theme seems to bind t (MORE)

What is the difference between designer fashion and trendy fashion?

Designer fashion tends to be more artistic and over the top clothes. Not many people would be willing to wear some of the crazy stuff designers come up with. Trendy fashion is (MORE)