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What does forgive us our trespasses mean?

  "Trespasses" represents more than just trespasssing. In some translations it is "debts". Trespasses is meant to represent all of our sins. "Forgive us our sins, as we fo (MORE)

Can a tenant sue a landlord for trespass?

Answer   It would be pretty difficult to make stick. It is, after all, the landlord's property. And I'm sure the lease allows them access to inspect and repair and th (MORE)

What is a trespassing warrant?

If a person has trespassed onto a property when they have been  asked not to, the owner of the property can take out a trespass  warrant. This will legally keep them off the (MORE)

Can a private process server trespass if signs say No Trespassing?

Answer . Most trespassing laws are fuzzy to say the least. Trespassing, basically speaking, is being on private property that is NOT commonly accessible to the general p (MORE)

Who enforces trespassing?

Jurisdiction for trespassing varies according to location. In the  United States, it can be both civil and criminal, depending on the  extent and type of trespass. However, (MORE)

How do you use the word trespass in a sentence?

Trespass is a verb which means to enter property without permission. Thus it can be used in the following possible sentences: So many people would trespass on my land until I (MORE)