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What is a blind trial?

  A blind trial is a trial in which the subject does not know if he is part of the experimental group or the control group. In the case of a pharmaceutical trial, a blin (MORE)

What is trial and error?

Trial and error is when you find out information by doing something over and over until you get it right. Hence the have many TRIALS and thus many ERRORS to learn (MORE)

What does a trial lawyer do?

  Answer     Trial lawyers represent clients involved in litigation, both civil and criminal. Criminal lawyers may represent plaintiffs or defendants, the "peopl (MORE)

What were the Nuremberg Trials?

In the Nuremberg trials many leading Nazis were tried for their crimes committed during World War II. ___ The Nuremberg trials were international military tribunals held a (MORE)

When is the impeachment trial?

An impeachment trial occurs after the House of Representatives has voted to bring articles of impeachment (charges) against a public official. The removal trial is scheduled t (MORE)

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What is trial initiation?

In the criminal court system, trial initiation is the first stage  in getting a trial started. It's important for this to happen as  soon as possible because the 6th Amendme (MORE)

What is a repeated trial?

the number of times the experiment is done for each level of the independent variable
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What trial shall not be trial by jury?

Custody cases are cases that are not decided upon by a jury.  Traffic court cases are also not cases decided upon by a jury.
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In a trial what is a redirect?

In a trial:    a lawyer presents a witness to give direct testimony.   The opposing lawyer then cross examines the witness (to  minimize the effect of the witness). (MORE)