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Why were the Nuremberg trials landmark trials?

The term Landmark is tossed around very loosely in judicial and political circles- nothing to do with physical structures such as say, the Washington Monument- but does refer (MORE)

What is a trial modification?

I received some bad news that I had lost my trial modification. I had no idea what I was going to do and I really had nowhere to turn. I had to get a second job because the ba (MORE)

What were the Trials of Odysseus?

Chronologically (remember there were 12 boats, and 40 men per boat, so 480 men): The Cicone, a village neighboring another village they raided. 72 men died, 408 left. Th (MORE)

When is a trial considered a trial of the century?

The Lindbergh Kidnap Murder trial, the various Nuremburg War-crimes tribunals (one should use the plural) this was not one courthouse session). The Calley Court-martial, Manso (MORE)

Who was on trial for the Scopes trial?

Mr. Scopes, a biology teacher ( not an astronomy professor) He was accused of teaching evolution- according to Darwin"s Origin of the Species. the trial generated mammoth publ (MORE)

Is a merits trial a jury trial?

The word merit is a term subject to various meanings, but in a legal context, merit refers to a claim which has a valid basis, setting forth sufficient facts from which the (MORE)