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What is a trial notebook?

A trial notebook (often notebooks) that consists of everything  an attorney needs at the trial, organized for easy and quick  retrieval. Sometimes it also consists of each s (MORE)
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Who were you on the trial of tears?

The Trail of Tears was the forced removal of several different  Native American tribes. The tribes on the Trail of Tears included  the Choctaws, Muskogee, Creek, Chickasaws, (MORE)

What is trial balance?

The trial balance is the process of totaling all Debits &  Credits in your chart of accounts (General Ledger), then making  sure the sum of all debits are equal to the sum o (MORE)

What is the definition of trials?

Trials are contests in a court of law, or in another field with competitors seeking a prize.
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What was the trial of tears?

It was a march in which the United States Government forced Native Americans to relocate approximately 1500 miles from their homes. Approximately 1/3 of the Native Americans o (MORE)

What were the Trials of Odysseus?

Chronologically (remember there were 12 boats, and 40 men per boat, so 480 men): The Cicone, a village neighboring another village they raided. 72 men died, 408 left. The (MORE)

What was Hitler's Trial?

Hitler was tried in 1924 for his attempt to seize control of Bavaria in November 1923. The presiding judge was a secret member of the NSDAP and the trial was a farce. Hitler w (MORE)
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Trial by jury?

A trial by jury means a jury is used to decide the outcome of a  trial. A judge then acts on the decision made by the jury. The  right to a trial by jury is guaranteed to US (MORE)