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Who discovered triangulation?

Triangulation was first introduced in 1971 by Swiss psychiatrist  Dr. Ernest L. Abelin. It was used to describe transitions in  psychoanalytic object relations theory and pa (MORE)

What does to triangulate information gathered mean?

    It means that info is not transmitted through from transmitter to receiver, but instead, it is sent to a middle point which re-transmits it to the receiver.   (MORE)

What is triangulation in psychology?

triangulation is when more than one method is used for studying human behavior   Not quite. The question referred to triangulation within psychology, but the above given an (MORE)

How do you use triangulation?

Triangulation is a process of locating a certain point by measuring  the distance between that point and other points. A compass is used  for triangulation to measure angles (MORE)

How does triangulation work in structures?

A triangulation data structure is a data structure designed to handle the representation of a two dimensional triangulation. Triangulation is the one who is responsible for th (MORE)

Triangulation refers to the?

need to find field site that has not been studied before. Triangulation can also refer to a way of finding an unknown location by knowing that it's between other given point (MORE)

What is triangulation of structures?

Triangulation Triangulation is a structure that is used on bridges and they are made up of lots of little triangles. Triangles are so strong because they have a bigger base th (MORE)

What is triangulation in a qualitative research study?

It refers to the application and combination of several research methodologies in the study of the same phenomenon. By combining multiple observers, theories, methods, and emp (MORE)