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What is triangulation?

Answer #1: Shooting two azimuths from different locations to find out where atarget object is by where the lines cross on a map. Alternatively,shooting azimuths to two diffe ( Full Answer )
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What does triangulating mean?

To triangulate means to measure something using trigonometricrelationships. It can also mean to survey or map something usingthe triangulation process.
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Who discovered triangulation?

Triangulation was first introduced in 1971 by Swiss psychiatristDr. Ernest L. Abelin. It was used to describe transitions inpsychoanalytic object relations theory and parent-c ( Full Answer )
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What is triangulation in psychology?

triangulation is when more than one method is used for studying human behavior . Not quite. The question referred to triangulation within psychology, but the above given answ ( Full Answer )
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Triangulation refers to the?

need to find field site that has not been studied before. Triangulation can also refer to a way of finding an unknown location by knowing that it's between other given poin ( Full Answer )
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What is triangulation of structures?

Triangulation Triangulation is a structure that is used on bridges and they are made up of lots of little triangles. Triangles are so strong because they have a bigger base ( Full Answer )
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How triangulation is used?

The triangle is structurally the strongest geometric shape which is why in chassis building you'll see so many of them (in NASCAR for instance). When buying a custom racing or ( Full Answer )
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What is triangulation and parallax?

Parallax is when objects seem to be in a different place, depending on the angle at which they are viewed. An example would be if you block an object in your visual field with ( Full Answer )
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How can you triangulate an octagon?

Yes because an octagon has 6 interior triangles which is achieved by connecting all of its vertices from one vertex
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How can polygons be triangulated?

By lines from 1 inner vertex to all its other vertices In general number of sides minus 2 = number of inner triangles as for example an octagon has 8 sides and so 8-2 = 6 inne ( Full Answer )