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What was a tribune?

A tribune was a representative of the common citizens of Rome (who were also known as Plebians) and was more commonly known as a Tribune of the Plebs. A tribune could propose (MORE)

What was the primary power of the tribunes in Rome?

The primary or main power of the tribunes in ancient Rome was the power of veto over any legislation, proposal or official except that of a dictator. The primary or main powe (MORE)

What is a Catholic tribunal?

The catholic church has tribunal courts that adjudicate matters of church law. For example, if you get divorced and then wanted to have your marriage annulled in the eyes of (MORE)

What are Roman tribunes?

The Romans had two types of tribunes. Some were military tribunes and others were civil tribunes. The military tribunes were in two classes, one class was young men appointed (MORE)

What are the Tribunes responsible for?

  The Tribunes were office bearers in the Roman Republic and then Empire. One class was Military Tribune, who were attached to ROman armise and used by the commander to co (MORE)

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