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What are the symptoms of trichinosis?

Extreme sensitivity to light, feeling of impending doom (whensevere), swelling around eyes, unexplainable severe pain at thesite of infection, fatigue, extreme shaking when th (MORE)

Why is there no trichinosis in Australia?

Tasmania is the only State of Australia listed by the WHO as having endemic trichinosis in its wildlife. The Tasmanian Department responsible for permitting a game meat indust (MORE)

How do you prevent trichinosis?

avoid undercooked meat products . freezing your meats for an extended period of time will kill bacteria . Always cook your meat products thoroughly. . Trichinosis is mainly (MORE)

How is trichinosis diagnosed?

An initial diagnosis of trichinosis relies heavily on the presence of its classic symptoms--swelling around the eyes, muscle inflammation, fever, and high levels of a certain (MORE)

What muscles are affected by trichinosis?

The most frequently affected muscles are the muscles outside the eye (extraocular muscles) that control eye movements; the muscles of the jaw, neck, and upper arm (biceps musc (MORE)
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Can a woman get trichinosis from a mans mouth?

she has a great chance to catch vaginal trich from the oral sex he does on her, or in her mouth/throat by kissing her in the mouth, if he has been infected with trichonomads i (MORE)