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Why might a plant not produce trichomes?

Trichomes can act as a pest deterrent. Plants that do not attract pests might not grow trichomes.. If a plant that usually produces them fails to do so, it could be due to no (MORE)
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Function of stromata and trichomes?

Stomata functions when transpiration occurs. The water vapor isreleased and the gas exchange during photosynthesis. Trichomesprotect the leaves from microbial attack.
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What do trichomes do for leaves?

In windy areas trichomes reduce evaporation and keep the leaf moist. They also reflect solar radiation and heat.
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How many cells are contained in each trichome?

There are normally three cells within a plant hair but usually, the number of cells depend on the size and the height of the plant hair. Sometimes, there are six cells in a ma (MORE)
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Are trichomes an adaptation?

Most trichomes are adaptations. They help give plants the abilityto survive and get needed nourishment and sunshine. The leaves,stems and feelers of plants all help to assure (MORE)