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In The Bible

Who is the god of trickery?

Since Satan is referred to as both a deceiver and the father of lies, the most fitting possibility would be that Satan is a good candidate for this answer. He is indeed a mast ( Full Answer )
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Who was the greek god of trickery?

Dolus was the male god of trickery and guile. Apate was the female god of deciet.
In Athena (Minerva)

How did Athena use trickery?

She took the helmet of invisibility from Hades and interfered inAres's battle with some mortal, causing him to miss and to becomecritically injured by the counter attack. In a ( Full Answer )
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What is outing and trickery?

Let's say that you got someone to reveal some private information they may not want shared with other individuals. Now that you have this information, you reveal it to anonymo ( Full Answer )
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What reason does laban give for this trickery?

The Story of Laban and Jacobs agreement is in the book of Genesis 29.Laban Says he tricked Jacob because it was not the custom to marry off the youngest daughter before the el ( Full Answer )
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What is the trickery of the mastersons?

There are many people with the surname of Masterson. To be able to discuss the tirckery of the Mastersons, I would need to know which particular Mastersons you are referring t ( Full Answer )
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What is the symbol of trickery?

One symbol of trickery is the viper. Loki was the norse god of trickery, and he was often associated with the eight legged horse Sleipnir. Those are the only ones I can think ( Full Answer )
In A Midsummer Night's Dream

How well does Puck's trickery work?

From what is provided in the text, all of Puck's tricks turn out the way he intended them to. However, when he is given vague instructions by Oberon regarding an "Athenian you ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with trickery?

Both hickory and chicory rhyme with trickery. Near rhymes include delivery, fishery, history, jittery, misery, mystery, slippery, and victory.
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What is trickery?

This a simple question. Trickery is cheating, it is deceiving. There are several levels of trickery: Friendly humorous trickery: wherein a joke is perpertrated on a fr ( Full Answer )