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Can you jump start your riding mower using a trickle charger connected to the battery?

  a trickle charger will not jump start anything,however if it is left connected long enuff, and the battery will take a charge, the mower should start. to jumpstart, a mo (MORE)

What does trickle mean?

To run down, Example: "When I took a shower this morning the warm water was trickling down my body." another: " Honey, the faucet's broken. When I was doing dishes, the water (MORE)

How can you increase the hot water pressure in the house if it just comes out as a trickle?

  Answer   You may have a restriction in your hot water heater exit pipes. There may be corrosion. How old is the house and how old is the hot water heater? What ty (MORE)

How do you connect a 12v solar trickle charger to a 12v batter and 12v submersible pump and get this to work the pump has black white and green wires and the solar charger has black and red?

You first need to have a charge controller module that coordinates where the electricity goes. These are readily available through ebay from $20-$50 for a basic 12 volt input (MORE)