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What does trickle mean?

To run down, Example: "When I took a shower this morning the warm water was trickling down my body." another: " Honey, the faucet's broken. When I was doing dishes, the water (MORE)

What is trickle charge?

A trickle charge is a small amount of electricity that continuouslyflows. A trickle charge is used in many electrical applications.
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Is trickle a verb?

The action "to trickle" is a verb. Trickle as in the description of a slow-moving liquid is a noun. A verb is a word that describes either an action (walk, run, etc),an occu (MORE)

What is trickle down theoy?

The trickle down theory is the belief that if rich people have lower taxes they will create jobs for other people. Therefore letting rich people keep more of their money inste (MORE)