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What are triggers?

Triggers are an action that is performed is a condition is met within the code.. In this example, "TRIG56" will perform this action:. After a row is inserted into TABLEZZZ, (MORE)
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What is the trigger?

A trigger is nothing but a database event. It is implicitly evoked whenever a database event like insert, update, delete, shutdown, etc occurs. There are 12 different types of (MORE)
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Level trigger and edge trigger?

Level triggering means the specified action occurs based on the steady state value of the input. An SR flip flop is an example of this - so long as S is true, the flip flop wi (MORE)
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Depression can be triggered by?

Divorce of parents Extreme life events such as a death of a friend or relative.
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What triggers cancer?

Cancer is triggered when there is a malfunction in the reproduction of cells. Either there is too much of something or not enough, causing the malfunctioning cells to constant (MORE)
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What triggers suicide?

Anything can trigger suicide in different people, whether it's selfacceptance, acceptance from others, home family, financial status,and commonly for bullying mostly in younge (MORE)
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Depression can be triggered by what?

Depression can be caused by many things including traumatic events in your life like divorce or a break up. Other causes include too much stress, loneliness and low self estee (MORE)
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What triggers a seizure?

There is no single answer to that. There are many forms of epilepsy and many triggers for seizures. People normally think of flashing lights as a trigger for seizures. In fact (MORE)
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What are analog triggers?

There is no such thing as "analogue triggers" but analog triggers are pressure-sensitive buttons used for various actions that required/had the option to be done with differen (MORE)
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What is migration triggered by?

well from what I've learned from science class over a few years is that migration is caused due to weather changes. for example it may be freezing in Maine and nothing is grow (MORE)