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What do the trimesters mean?

Answer . Trimester simply is a term that refers to dividing the normal 9 month pregnancy into three 3-month segments. So, the first trimester is the first three months of p (MORE)

How long is a trimester?

A trimester is roughly 12 weeks long. You can see the trimesters below: First trimester 0-12 weeks: 12 weeks Second trimester 13-27 weeks: 14 weeks Third trimester 28-40 week (MORE)

What is a trimester in college?

A trimester in college is a single term out of three. Instead of the traditional semesters with two terms, there are three terms. Each term consists of 10 weeks.

What are trimesters in pregnancy?

There are three trimesters. The first trimester is the first stage of pregnancy from conception to 12 weeks The second trimester is the 13th week to the 28th week The third (MORE)
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What do methamphetamines do to a baby in the first trimester?

The baby can suffer death in the womb. If even more unlucky, it could be born with it's intestines on the outside of it's deformed body. It can suffer brain damage. Brain, (MORE)