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What is a normal cervical length in the second trimester of pregnancy?

    Cervical measurements vary greatly, but a normal second trimester cervix is usually between 3 and 4 cm long (30-40 mm) If your cervix is less than 25 mm in length (MORE)

The Three Trimesters of Pregnancy

Human pregnancy typically lasts for about nine months or roughly 40 weeks. Throughout this time, the mother and fetus experience many physiological changes that often follow p (MORE)

Printable Weekly Calendars for Each Trimester

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life. One thing that makes it special is understanding exactly what is happening inside the womb during each stage. Referring to a p (MORE)

Is food poisoning possibly salmonella dangerous to a unborn baby in the first trimester?

  Answer     Yes.     Listeria is the really bad bug. It is medically proven to cause miscarriage. That is why you are warned against eating semi re-hea (MORE)

Trimester system in school education is a boon or curse?

it is a curse. Less material is covered and if you don't have a course in sequential trimesters, you have to spend more time reviewing. It is very impersonal and an assembly l (MORE)