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Bleeding in first trimester?

It is not normal but again it isn't rear, it is known as spotting, it usually occurs between four to six weeks of your pregnancy and it shouldn't last long. If it occurs more (MORE)

How many trimesters equal one semester?

One trimester is approximately 8 weeks. One semester is approximately 16 weeks. Therefore, traditionally, two trimesters equal one full semester.
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What if you use Heroin use in first trimester?

The baby would probably not die, but could be born with mild-severe brain damage and learning difficulties, and also mild-severe deformities and disabilities
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What is a trimester in college?

  A trimester in college is a single term out of three. Instead of the traditional semesters with two terms, there are three terms. Each term consists of 10 weeks.
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In the US is it legal to have an abortion in the third trimester?

In the United States, abortion cannot be performed legally after the age of viability, which has been set at 22 weeks, per the US Supreme Court in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, (MORE)
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What do methamphetamines do to a baby in the first trimester?

The baby can suffer death in the womb. If even more unlucky, it could be born with it's intestines on the outside of it's deformed body. It can suffer brain damage. Brain, s (MORE)
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Can a unborn baby die of starvation in third trimester?

No... the developing foetus generates enzymes in the mother's  bloodstream - which forces her body to nourish the embryo - at the  expense of the mother's calorie intake. Ba (MORE)