(trī-mĕs'tər, trī'mĕs'-) pronunciation
  1. A period or term of three months.
  2. One of three terms into which an academic year is divided in some universities and colleges.

[French trimestre, from Latin trimēstris, trimēnstris, of three months : tri-, tri- + mēnsis, month.]

trimestral tri·mes'tral (-trəl) or tri·mes'tri·al (-trē-əl) adj.

[Etymology: tri + Lat: ‘month’] time Any three-month period, usually a subdivision of a greater period that is a multiple of such, particularly the successive parts of the nine-month period of human gestation. Used erroneously for any period that is a third of some year, e.g. with a year-round school scheme having three four-month terms.


One of the three periods of approximately 3 months each into which pregnancy is divided.

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  • Pregnancy and Birth - trimester: one of three three-month periods during pregnancy
  • Colleges and Universities - trimester: segment of academic year divided into three quarters or semesters, usu. September to December, January to March, and April to June




Dansk (Danish)
n. - tremånedersperiode

Nederlands (Dutch)
(school)trimester, trimester

Français (French)
n. - trimestre

Deutsch (German)
n. - Trimester

Ελληνική (Greek)
n. - τρίμηνο, τριμηνία

Italiano (Italian)

Português (Portuguese)
n. - trimestre (m)

Русский (Russian)

Español (Spanish)
n. - trimestre

Svenska (Swedish)
n. - tremånadersperiod (spec. under graviditet)

中文(简体)(Chinese (Simplified))
三个月, 学期

中文(繁體)(Chinese (Traditional))
n. - 三個月, 學期

한국어 (Korean)
n. - 3개월 간, (3학기 제의) 1학기

日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 3か月間, 一学期

العربيه (Arabic)
‏(الاسم) فترة ثلاثه أشهر, ألفصل‏

עברית (Hebrew)
n. - ‮שליש שנת-לימודים באוניברסיטה, שליש תקופת הריון, רבע שנה, טרימסטר‬

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