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Is Trinity college and university malaga Spain recognised worldwide?

Trinity College and University, Malaga, Spain is offering diverse range of programs via distance, online and regular modes and they are in many countries worldwide.  There ar (MORE)

What is the Holy Trinity?

The Holy Trinity is the Christian concept of the One God, that has one inseparable nature, but is made up of three distinct persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (MORE)

Is there a Holy Trinity?

Another View:     It has long been recognized that many biblical passages refer  clearly either to the trinity or to aspects of it. The oneness of  God, together w (MORE)

Where does the Trinity originate?

There is no mention of the Trinity in the Bible. In fact, Marks' Gospel has Jesus deny being God, saying (10:18): "Why call me good. There is none good but God." This is quite (MORE)

What is trinity in God?

what is trinity in God?    the trinity in science mean tree individual that makes one, but in  God, it is way different, there's only One God up there, you are  flesh (MORE)

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What is the incompatible trinity?

It is the concept in economics that a country can attain only two of the following conditions: 1. A fixed exchange rate 2. Free international flows of capital 3. Independant m (MORE)