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What is the Tripitaka?

Tripitaka     From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   The Tripiṭaka (Sanskrit त्रिपिटक, lit. three baskets), Tipiṭaka (Pāli) is the formal t (MORE)

Who wrote the Tripitaka?

It was compiled into writing for the first time during the reign of King Walagambahu of Sri Lanka (1st century BCE). It is written in the Sri Lankan history that, more than 10 (MORE)

What is the tripitaka about?

  ; tripitaka, also tipitaka.  : The three main sacred scriptures of Buddhism. A "pitaka" is a basket and so the term refers to the "three baskets." The first basket is t (MORE)
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What does tripitaka include?

This collection of holy writings is organized to include material from the Pali, Chinese, and Tibetan Canons. It does not include modern writings, which can be found in the bi (MORE)

Why is the Tripitaka important?

The Tripitaka (three baskets) is a set of books that contains the Buddha's teachings. It is comprised of the Sutras, sermons and teachings of Buddha; Abhidharma, discourses on (MORE)
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Why was the tripitaka written?

The Thripitakaya remained unwritten but continued to survive in memory of the Maha Sangha (Great Buddhist Monks) until it was compiled into writing for the first time during t (MORE)

Who created the tripitaka?

There are different parts to the tripitika/tipitika, and different parts were created by different people.  The Sutta-Pitika and the Vinaya-Pitika were created primarily by t (MORE)

What is is a tripitaka?

Non-Buddhists view it as the 'bible' or book of Buddhism. It is a collection of writings on the philosophy and views of Buddhism without the connotation of being divinely insp (MORE)
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How is Tripitaka treated?

The Tripitaka is treated with alot of respect and care as Buddhist  people think it incudes all infomation and views to last a life  time. They also think that God's word ar (MORE)