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Duplicate triplicate What about 20 times?

There is no recognised word in any dictionary, but we could form one by logic. A decahedron is a ten-sided object and decuplicate is a recognised word meaning ten copies. Simi (MORE)

Duplicate triplicate quadruplicate what's next?

  quintuplicate sextuplicate septuplicate octuplicate nonuplicate decuplicate
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If you are a girl and a girl stares at you what does that mean?

Well, it usually means that she really likes you and is day dreaming of what it would be like if you two were together, but then again some girls tend to doze off into a daydr (MORE)

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How to get a girl?

STEP 1: Become friends with her.Only up to 2/3 weeks STEP 2: Start flirting with her STEP 3: ask her for her number STEP 4: talk to her more often, text her don' (MORE)
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Why do you assay your samples in triplicate when performing an elisa test?

Assaying the samples in triplicate is another control. If you do not get the same result in all triplicate wells, you have a problem with your experimental technique or you ha (MORE)

Why was hop frog a triplicate treasure to the king?

Triplicate meaning three...the King used Hop Frog as a form of humor but he also valued Hop Frog. So, the King would laugh at Hop Frog's dwarfism and his being crippled but he (MORE)
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What is a triplicate in ten pin bowling?

A triplicate occurs when you bowl a three game series and the scores of all three games are identical.
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