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What does triskaidekaphobia mean?

The word triskaidekaphobia has Greek origins - triskaideka is 13 in Greek (treis = three, kai = and, deka = ten) and phobia is, of course, fear of.
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Is triskaidekaphobia contagious?

No, although the hysteria from a person with the fear of the number 13 can you lead you to have the same fear.
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How many people suffer from triskaidekaphobia?

i don t believe in this phobia because it is nonsense , people are really stupid and ignorance ad they should give importance to other things in addition don t waist their tim (MORE)

How many words can you make with the word triskaidekaphobia?

3-letter words aah, aas, aba, ado, ads, aha, aid, air, ais, ait, ape, apt, arb, are, ark, ars, art, ash, ask, asp, ate, baa, bad, bah, bar, bas, bat, bed, bet, bid, bio, bi (MORE)