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How do seahorses hunt?

Seahorses prey on crustaceans and other small animals floating in  the water. They attach themselves to coral by the tail and wait  patiently until prey comes within strikin (MORE)

What do horses hunt for?

Horses don't really hunt. They are not hunters they are prey animals. But they are completely preoccupied with food. They seem to be thinking about lunch while eating breakfas (MORE)

What do hunters hunt?

Hunters hunt animals. Depending on where they reside the types of game differs. In the United Sates it is common to hunt deer, bears, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, turtle doves (MORE)
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What do falcons hunt?

Falcons eat basically small birds and rodents. When falcons are young, they learn how to hunt big bugs such as dragonflies and beetles

How did the megalodon hunt?

the megalodon's hunting techniques were very much like those of the modern day's great white shark, mainly stalking prey from below and eventually ambushing it from underneath (MORE)

What is the love story of Tristram and Iseult?

Tristram and Iseult, better known as Tristan and Isolde is said to have before even Lancelot and Guinevere. There are lots of different variations to the story, but it is more (MORE)
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What are snakes hunted by?

Many animals eat snakes, including coyotes, birds of prey, and of course the famous mongoose. This answer is not right. People hunt this animal because of their skin. Other pe (MORE)

When and where do hippos hunt?

Hard to believe but the mighty Hippopotamus does not hunt at all! The Hippo is actually a herbivore meaning it does not eat meat at all. The Hippo is mainly active at night (MORE)

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