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Can horses eat triticale?

Yes, you can feed this to your horse. With the high price of feed and droughts, winter months Triticale is often used (cheaper) while giving your horses the nutrition it needs (MORE)

What does triticale mean?

Triticale (trit-ih-KAY-lee) is a crop species resulting from a plant breeder's cross between wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale). The name triticale (Triticale hexaploide Lart.) (MORE)
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What is a triticale berries?

It is a hybrid of wheat and rye. Triticale berries are when they are whole grains. They are also available coarsely ground into flakes or finely ground into flours. It can be (MORE)
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Are triticale berries gluten free?

No, Triticale is not gluten free. It is a cross breed or rye and wheat so it should be avoided for those with gluten intolerance.
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When is Triticale grown?

Today, there are only a few thousand acres grown and much of it is sold as a feed grain. Most of the production is in the western states