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What intruments did troubadours play in medieval times?

Troubadours played different kinds of flute, including side blown wooden flutes, recorders and similar instruments, and an instrument called the gemshorn, which was like an oc (MORE)

When is the expert cup in yu-gi-oh nightmare troubadour?

after you beat pegasis i am in the tornament now is not right. First find ishizu and beat her 3 times in a row then u unlock yami bakura. beat him at night. u can find when u (MORE)

What kind of songs did troubadours sing?

The real troubadours (not those invented in 19th century imaginations) were educated French noblemen, knights, princes, as well as the sons of shopkeepers and tradesmen. Thi (MORE)

What are troubadours?

Troubadours were entertainers in southern France who sang songs that they composed themselves or shared. They flourished from about 1100 to about 1300. poet-musicians called (MORE)