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How do you unlock the dice mansion for Yu-Gi-Oh nightmare troubadour?

Duel and defeat Ishizu Ishtar three times. Ishizu Ishtar is located  in random spots around the city and has a three-star duelist  rating. Defeating Ishizu Ishtar three time (MORE)

What intruments did troubadours play in medieval times?

Troubadours played different kinds of flute, including side blown wooden flutes, recorders and similar instruments, and an instrument called the gemshorn, which was like an oc (MORE)

Can you use the god cards in Yu-Gi-Oh nightmare troubadour?

The Egyptian God Cards are on the Forbidden list in the game. However, after the Expert cup, you may use 1 copy of 1 forbidden card. So yes you can use Egyptian God Cards. Fin (MORE)

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What did troubadours wear in the Middle Ages?

Troubadours of the Middle Ages often wore a hat with a rolled band  and a coat with a long tail. The clothes were usually bright in  color so they would stand out in perform (MORE)