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What's a troubadour?

Answer . trou·ba·dour (trū ' bə-dôr', -dōr', -dʊr') n. . One of a class of 12th-century and 13th-century lyric poets in Southern France, northern I (MORE)

What are troubadours?

Troubadours were entertainers in southern France who sang songs that they composed themselves or shared. They flourished from about 1100 to about 1300. poet-musicians call (MORE)

Compare modern troubadours to middle age troubadours.?

Medieval troubadours were poet-composers who served patrons at courts of the nobility. They were of many social classes, but mostly of the noble class. They sometimes performe (MORE)
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Why was chivalry a popular topic for troubadours?

Typical subjects of troubadour song were war, chivalry and courtly love. The period of the troubadours ended abruptly with the Albigensian Crusade, the fierce campaign by Pope (MORE)

What is a troubadour and what did they sing about?

Troubadours were itinerant minstrels in the middle ages who, notwithstanding the romantic notion of "wandering minstrels", traveled a regular circuit on a yearly basis. They e (MORE)
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Where is the Troubadour located?

Troubadour is a nightclub in West Hollywood, California in the United States. It can be found at 9081 Santa Monica Boulevard, east of Doheny Drive and the border of Beverley H (MORE)