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What is the plural of trouser?

The singular form is a pair of trousers; the plural form is  pairs of trousers.   The noun trousers is one of a group of words that are a short form  for 'a pair of', wo (MORE)

When was chino trousers invented?

Chino trousers were invented in the late 19th century after a type of all-cotton fabric was developed. Originally chino trousers were used by members of the French and Briti (MORE)
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What is the singular form of trousers?

The noun 'trousers' an uncountable noun, a form of  binary noun, a word for something with two parts making up the  whole; a shortened form for 'a pair of'.   The singul (MORE)

Is it illegal to wear trousers with no underwear?

Most of the overall population has the idea that they HAVE to wear underwear to be normal, but in reality underwear is only a recent invention, and because most people shower (MORE)
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What are golf trousers called?

Most golfers simply wear chinos, but the ones Payne Stewart for example used to wear with long socks are called 'plus fours'.
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Where do you buy rev school trousers?

You can get them from the uniform shop, or go online to the uniform shop, if your schools uniform shop does not sell them. They can also be bought online from at . (MORE)

What is the plural of trousers?

Trousers is already plural. You would use the word trousers in sentences referring to one pair of trousers, and for more than one pair of trousers.
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What are combat trousers?

Made for use by the Army and marines= often having Camouflaged patterns-called Camo pants- consult your Army Navy stores.
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What stores sell trousers for ladies?

Stores that sell trousers for ladies are for example "House of Fraser", "New Look", "Matalan", "H&M", "Shopper's Stop", "Next UK", "Mandco", "Boden" or "Jabong".
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