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What are moleskin trousers?

men's pants made of heavy weight cotton fabric with a dense weave that is brushed on both sides to produce a soft, smooth hand and a wind and rain resistant quality

What is the plural of trousers?

Trousers is already plural. You would use the word trousers in sentences referring to one pair of trousers, and for more than one pair of trousers.
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Why is trousers plural?

Because you need one trouser for each leg - a pair of trousers Trousers is a plural noun referring to an outer garment covering the body from the waist to the ankles, with a s (MORE)
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What are combat trousers?

Made for use by the Army and marines= often having Camouflaged patterns-called Camo pants- consult your Army Navy stores.
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Is there a singlur in trousers?

Only in the adjectival noun clause use- such as Trouser leg,. the dog ran up his trouser leg in pursuit of something or other! it is somewhat archaic, like (vest Pocket) as an (MORE)

What is the plural of trouser?

The singular form is a pair of trousers; the plural form is  pairs of trousers.   The noun trousers is one of a group of words that are a short form  for 'a pair of', wo (MORE)
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What is denim trouser?

jeans. Denim is a name for the blue dye 'jeans' cotton is dyed with, and a name for such blue dyed cotton itself.
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Where do you get rev trousers from?

I have some, brand new with the label still on one pair however the labels are not on the other, RRP £13 but i will sell for £10 a pair