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What is the fastest truck?

The fastest- Top Speed   1. Holden Ute Maloo GTS- 185mph- uni body/car based   2. Dodge SRT-10 Ram - 154.6mph Full frame "real truck"    0-60 mph   1. 1990 (MORE)

How many trucks does conway trucking have?

2007 numbers. The acquisition of CFI gives Con-way a major presence in truckload freight. Today, the Truckload division operates more than 2,600 tractors and 7,000 trailers, w (MORE)

What kind of truck is the mail truck?

The mail van used by the USPS nowadays is the This is a custom-made mail van manufactured by Grumman Corporation, whose USD 1.1 Billi (MORE)
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Why are skating trucks called trucks?

Etymology of the word "truck" probably comes from a shortening of the word "truckle". Truckle is related to the Latin word trochus, which means "iron hoop" or "wheel". Since t (MORE)