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What is the theory of Cost Control and Reduction in Managerial economics?

Cost control implies controlling the costs at the given level. The accent is an adhering to the pre-determined standard and the emphasis is on ensuring that the cost does not (MORE)

How does APR measure the true cost of a loan?

It prevents lenders from advertising a low rate based on monthlycost, rather than the annual cost. It allows all loans to becompared against the same time frame.
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What is alternative cost in economics?

  According to the authors of the textbook Economics U$A,   Opportunity Cost or Alternative Cost is the value of what certain resources could have produced have they be (MORE)

Is it true economics can be called the science of common sense?

The idea that standard economics is a science of common sense is  true to the extent that it describes the common sense decision  making processes that almost all people rec (MORE)

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What were the estimated economic costs in WW1?

During WW1, the Allies spent $58 Billion while the Central Powers  spent $25 Billion. Britain alone spent $20 Billion while the US  spent $17 Billion.
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What is the economic welfare costs associated with monopolistic competition?

Welfare costs refers to less than optimal meeting of the preferences of a population, including preferences for goods and services but also including things like environmental (MORE)