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What is the driving distance between Cleveland Ohio and Truro Nova Scotia?

1,271 miles or 2,047 kilometres taking this route: Take I-90 EAST from Cleveland to I-95 NORTH to N.H. - MAINE via I-495 NORTH [EXIT 11A off I-90 MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE (its s (MORE)

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Can someone please explain the poem Three Lunulae Truro Museum by Penelope Shuttle?

It's written from the perspective of a visitor to the museum. He views the lunulae and imagines their history. The clock ticks. He gets some suspicious looks, and has to leave (MORE)

What is the history of Truro Cathedral?

The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Truro is an Anglican cathedral located in the city of Truro, Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. It was built in the Gothic Revival arch (MORE)