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What songs are on high school musical 2?

  "what time is it?" "fabulous" "work this out" "you are the music in me" "humuhumunukuapawawa" "i don't dance" "you are the music in me (sharpay version)" " (MORE)

How do you get money in riddle school 2?

Go inside Mrs. Sleep's room. Click on the desk with the top opened. U will get a "slidy" and a 2 coins. Go out and go right and click on the firs locker at the right side (MORE)

About high school musical 2?

High School Musical 2: Schools Out! Troy plans to spend the holiday playing basketball. Sharpay is going to her country club in Lava Springs where she is treated like a princ (MORE)

What is High School Musical 2?

High School musical 3 is going to come out (in theaters) and is being filmed right now. HSM2 was a very good movie, but I don't believe it was as good as the first one. The mu (MORE)

Can you get into dental school with 2 years in undergraduate school?

  Preparing for Dental School   well from my understanding being a pre-dental student myself, is probably possible but you might lower your chances of getting into de (MORE)

High School Musical 2?

This is the follow up to High School Musical.   Basically it is all about the decisions that teenagers have to make about their future. They all get summer jobs at Lava Spr (MORE)

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