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What is a tsunami?

The word tsunami (pronounced su-nah'-me) is Japanese for harbor wave. Some tsunami may reach heights of 100 feet (30 m) or more. They are giant waves that hit a coastal area (MORE)

Where was tsunamis?

A tsunami is a wave that is usally caused by either an undersea earthquake or by a land slip into the sea. Tsunamis were once called tidal waves.

What tsunamis do?

An undersea earthquake may displace a large volume of water. Thedisplaced water ripples outwards from the site of the earthquake.On the open ocean, the wave may not even be no (MORE)

What to do after tsunami?

Well, if you are still alive, the first thing to do would be to help find other dead people. If you are injured, then you need to contact a rescue team. Acctually, even if you (MORE)

What can you do about tsunamis?

avoid getting into a car and trying to out-run it if you are in one, run for your life and dont stop for snacks! Just get to high ground, that is all.
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What will you do when there is a tsunami?

hopefully if you live in a building that is already made for typhoons and tsunamies, aka: a conctrete building, preferably you should just be able to go in your house, load up (MORE)

What can tsunami do?

A tsunami can cause major damage such as kill people, destroy buildings, and even take from 2 to 3 years to clean up and re- build

What is a tsunamis-?

A tsunami is caused by an earthquake that occurs under the sea. Thetsunami is produced which is a large wave that can cause severedamage on land.