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What is a choke tube?

A choke, as it relates to firearms, is a narrowing of the end of the shotgun barrel. This narrowing can be greater or smaller. Chokes that are smaller than the bore to a gr ( Full Answer )
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How to replace tubes in a tube amp?

In a word - carefully. First of all, ensure that the power is removed from the system. Failure to remove power can cause injury or death. Some tubes are sensitive to the ( Full Answer )
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What are the tubes next to the bronchial tubes?

They terminate at the alveolar sacs which contain the alveoli. Here inhaled O2 is exchanged for exhaled CO2 via the pulmonary veins (which transport de-oxygenated blood with C ( Full Answer )
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What is Get tube?

Get Tube is an application that allows you to download and save videos and music off of You Tube.
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What is tubely?

Tubely is an online social networking community that connects people through networks of friends or making new friends. The Invitation page looked just like Facebook and Li ( Full Answer )
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What is a fallopion tube?

These tubes bear the name of Gabriele Falloppio (also spelled Falloppia), a 16th-century (c. 1523-62) Italian physician and surgeon who was expert in anatomy, physiology and p ( Full Answer )
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What is an orifice tube?

It's a type of metering device, and a pretty simple one. One side is narrower. This widening decreases the pressure of the refrigerant passing through it, effectively being on ( Full Answer )
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What is a dip tube?

It's apparently a slang name in some parts of US for the anode of a H/W heater. This is a long rod that fits into the top of a heater to attract metallic impurities in the wat ( Full Answer )
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What does tube on You tube mean?

in the early days of televisiion, the screen that one watched the picture on was more than just the glass 'screen', but included the necessary parts to deliver the video porti ( Full Answer )
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What can you do on you tube?

Well you tube is a website that allows you to watch videos such as music videos, films in parts and all things