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What is a tuber?

Tubers are various types of modified plant structures that are enlarged to store nutrients . They are used by plants to overwinter and regrow the next year and as a means (MORE)
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What are tubers?

Parts of the root that get swollen and engorged with starch. Potatoes are tubers, NOT vegetables.
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Is a tuber a vegetable?

NO a tuber is a modified stem used to store water and nutrients when the plant is dormant so that it has enough energy to grow during the next growing season. To say tubers (MORE)
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What is a noob tuber?

Someone who only uses the grenade launcher attachment on their gun. or just a rocket launcher
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How do tubers reproduce?

The tops or sides of the tuber produce shoots that grow into typical stems and leaves and the under sides produce the roots. The below-ground stem tuber is normally a short-li (MORE)
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Do potatoes have tubers?

i don't know about potatoes having tubers, but i know there is a type of potato that is called tubers.
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What is a tuber potato?

A potato is a tuber, meaning a vegetable that is the "root" part of the plant that is edible. Carrots are also tubers.
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How do you become a You tuber?

First you have to click the Sign In or the Menu button in the top right corner of your screen then put your emailaddress or phone number then you have to put in your passwo (MORE)
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What is a tubers example?

Tubers are modified plant structures that are meant to store nutrients. Examples include the Idaho potato, Jerusalem artichoke and sweet potato. The daylily also has unedib (MORE)
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What are your favourite you tubers?

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