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What is the difference between a tuberculin syringe and an insulin syringe?

They are made for administration of specific measurements of either insulin or the antigen for TB testing called PPD (Purified Protein Derivative). Both types of syringes are ( Full Answer )
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How do you read a tuberculin syringe?

To read a tuberculin syringe you simply have to look at thecalibrations on the syringe. Make sure that your eye is level toavoid taking a wrong reading as a result of parallax ( Full Answer )
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Do you use a tuberculin syringe to give flu shots?

No, a tuberculin syringe is intended for use in intradermal injections and the flu shot is given intramuscularly. The needle on a tuberculin syringe is not the right size.
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What is tuberculin?

Tuberculin is a purified preparation of proteinoid antigens derived from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causitive agent of TB. It is used to detect whether a person has been ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of a tuberculin syringe?

They are used to deliver the antigen for tuberculosis tests to determine if a person is infected or has been infected with TB in the past. The TB skin test requires an intrade ( Full Answer )
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What are the tuberculin preparations?

Two different tuberculin preparations are available, Old Tuberculin (OT) and Purified Protein Derivative (PPD). The latter is the preferred testing substance.
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What is a tuberculin skin conversion?

A TB skin conversion is defined as an increase of 10 mm or greater of induration within a two year period, regardless of age.
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What is the mechanism of the tuberculin skin test?

by injecting the protein derived from tb bacteria itself if the patient have already antibodies for tb from previous infection the immune system will response to this protei ( Full Answer )