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What is tubular truss?

A tubular truss is a truss that has struts and chords that are  composed of cylindrical tubes or pipes. They are used for large  constructions including factories, shopping (MORE)

Should you play tubular bells at the wedding?

You should play it, but instead of playing that you could also play a game like pie eating because who would want to hear that at their wedding. Also Blake you should be ashme (MORE)

Who invented tubular bells or chimes?

  The wind chime is a product of many cultures and many times. Bells were first invented in prehistoric times, and the earliest evidence of them dates from 3000 B.C. and w (MORE)
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What is tubular load?

The total amount of a substance that enters the tubular portion of the nephron each minute is said to be tubular load.

What is tubular battery?

A tubular battery is one type of popular battery designs with  parallel tubes that contain lead oxide. Thy are designed with  openings that offer easy maintenance. The batte (MORE)
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How does the tubular bell works?

The tubular bell is a percussion instrument, where you hit the very top edge of the tube with a hammer. It's best to strike it at an angle. There is also a pedal to sustain th (MORE)

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