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What is tumbling?

Gymnastics teaches you everything,parellel bars,balence beam and such, where tumbling focuses more on flips, and stunts. yes that is what it is. i take tumbling lessons and (MORE)

Skills in tumbling?

In order easiest 1st: Foreword roll handstand handstand foreword roll cartwheel round-off running round-off rebound front walk over back walkover (you can do all of these with (MORE)

What is tumbled marble?

Tumbled marble is real marble (or travertine) that is treated inside a tumbler for several hours to make it achieve that particular "worn-down" look.Type your answer here...

What to wear at tumbling?

I have been tumbling for about 9 years now and all I wear to tumbling is either a t shirt and shorts or a sports bra and spandex or something. It depends on what your gym is l (MORE)

Do you have to tumble to be a cheerleader?

Of course not! I am a cheerleader and I do not tumble. But during tryouts you get more points and have a better chance of making the squad if you do ! Also a tumbler can be a (MORE)

Can cheerleaders tumble?

Yes, but only those who go to a tumbling class or lesson. Some cheerleading teams such as allstars and high school require you to tumble. Some tumbling skills are backhandspri (MORE)

Where can you get a tumbling suit?

For cheer you can wear spankies sports bra shirt and shorts and for gymnastics you wear a leotard which you could probably find at target or on a gymnastics website or they mi (MORE)
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What is a tumbling machine?

A tumbing machine is a device used to give parts a tumble clean orfinish. Machine tumbling is a simple process where parts are placedinto a barrel, which is then rotated at 20 (MORE)
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What is rock tumbling?

Rock tumbling is when small pebbles are mechanically turned overand over for many hours, in a container of fine abrasive/polishingsemi-liquid. The end result is polished pebbl (MORE)