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What is hurricane tumor?

The hurricane tumour is a malignancy that kills in a matter of weeks. It is usually a trophoblastic testicular teratoma.
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What is the function of lysis buffer in DNA extraction?

The first few steps in DNA isolation are based on getting the DNA out of the cell. This means the cell has to be broken and the cytoplasmic contents released. After which, the (MORE)

What is a syndrome?

A syndrome is a collection of recognizable features, behaviors, signs and symptoms (as reported by a patient) which frequently occur together and can be observed or detected c (MORE)
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What is a terratoma tumor?

A tumor arising from all three embryonic germ layers, arising from the ovaries or testes. Much more common in females, very uncommonly malignant in females. When occurring in (MORE)

How do you get a brain tumor?

A brain tumor occurs when the nucleus in the brain cells stop telling the cell what to do and when to divide into 2 new cells. The cells start to randomly divide and its start (MORE)

What is brain tumor?

A brain tumor is a growth in a person's brain from rapidly multiplying cells that can affect the way your brain or nervous system works.
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Can you pop a tumor?

No. You will need to consult with a doctor so as to learn whether it is malignant or benign. He can also explain the procedures for any removal that may be necessary.
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What does the cell wall prevent lysis of?

  The cell wall prevents the cell from bursting because of a hypotonic environment, meaning that there is a high concentration of water moving into the cell that may have (MORE)