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What languages are spoken in Tunis Tunisia?

In Tunisia, they mostly speak arabic. As France made their empire on Africa , Tunisia was part of the French Empire. So as you can guess, they speak french. They usually lear (MORE)
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How do you get tunies?

(u have to be a member first) buy a red crazy daisy, any love berry and red dragon fruit
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How do you get tunie 2?

well tunie 2 had not came out yet but to get blurp you need purple moon + pink love + black love/blue moon. add me lovegame879

What does the term tunis mean in texting?

It's been my experience when you see the word Tunis in texting it's because the word thanks, when misspelled, has been auto corrected. Tunis is a Moroccan language from Tunisi (MORE)

Are Tunis in the EU?

Tunis is a city in Tunisia. It is a country in Africa. Tunisia is not a member of the European Union, so Tunis is not in the EU.