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Is Tunisia part of the Middle East?

No it isn't, it is a Mediterranean country in north Africa. While it is not a Middle Eastern country, it is part of the Arab World and has many cultural connections to the Mid (MORE)

Where is Tunisia located?

it is in Africa :) Tunisa is located in northern Africa. Republic of Tunisia is the smallest country in Africa. It located at the northern end of Africa. The capital of Tuni (MORE)

Is Tunisia an LEDC?

    Yes Tunisia is a Less Economically Developed Country. It's a developping country in a fast growth relying on the 1st and 3rd domains; Agriculture and services. Ind (MORE)

Do people in Tunisia speak French?

They speak a dialect of Arabic and many of them do speak French as well, as Tunisia is a former French colony. There is a strong Tunisian presence in French cities such as Mar (MORE)

What is the weather like in Tunisia in June?

Now we are in June and the weather is usually crazy in Tunisia! it  is neither hot nor cold for a Tunisian, but for a Foreigner it is  qualified as hot. temperature varies b (MORE)

Who is the President of Tunisia?

Moncef Marzouki is the interim President of Tunisia. Marzouki was appointed on 2011 December 13 after the 2010-2011 Tunisian Revolution which saw long time President Zine El A (MORE)
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What are the landforms in Tunisia?

The major land forms in Tunisia are the Atlas Mountain in the north  and the Sahara in the south. Tunisia is also home to the Grand Erg  Oriental a large field of sand dunes (MORE)

What are problems in Tunisia?

  The BIGGEST Problem     A major problem throughout Tunisia is desertification. Poor farming techniques, such as overgrazing, along with deforestation, soil ero (MORE)

What is the highest mountain in Tunisia?

The highest mountain is the Chaambi mountain, also called Jebel ech Chambi. This beautiful mountain boasts an elevation of over 5,000 feet. There is a national park surroundin (MORE)

What are the major imports of Tunisia?

Tunisia imports textiles, machinery, heavy equipment, fuels, chemicals, and food - mostly from southern Europe. Major trading partners are France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.
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