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Why are tunnels built?

go to temple and pray to god, then god will be opened ur security code
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How do you get out of the rock tunnel?

In Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow version you have to go throughthe Rock Tunnel. The best way to get through it is to use Flash.
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What is tunnel?

Tunnels is defined as underground routes or passages driven through the ground without disturbing the overlying soil or rock cover.tunnels are classified into three types:1) T ( Full Answer )
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What is tunnel and how to create tunnel?

it is an underground passage driven through the natural obstacle for various purposes such as transportataion, sewage and hydropower generation By sewlikar
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How do you get into the tunnel in Poptropica?

I think you mean the Underground Tunnel. I know exactly how to answer it. OK, this is what you need to do. Go to Counterfeit Island. Go to the right. You will then be at Down ( Full Answer )
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What are the disadvantages of tunnels?

Disadvantages of High Tunnels One of the primary disadvantages of the more permanent high tunnels is the fact that they are not easily moved. Some high tunnels are engineere ( Full Answer )
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How do you tunnel into a hill?

Supplies 1. Water 1 kilo 2. Food 3. Hard work 4. A shovel **** Very Key part 5. Wooden 2 x 4 alot to make supports around tunnel
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What does the tunnel symbolize in through the tunnel?

It symbolizes Jerry overcoming an obstacle he never knew he could complete. It also symbolizes his passage from being a little kid, into becoming more of a man.
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Where is the secret tunnel in tunnel four?

its a magical place full of love, happiness, and fruit baskets. all of your wildest dreams will come true in tunnel four. After you go through tunnel four you'll arrive in tun ( Full Answer )
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What are tunnels for?

tunnels eliminated obstructions, such as valleys, hills andmountains, to allow connectivity across different regions.theyprovided clear routes by reducing the instances of win ( Full Answer )