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How does a turbine work?

Steam or water, it works the reverse of a fan, where the fan pushes air down, the turbine is turned by the steam or water. there's a shaft leading from the turbine to the gene (MORE)

What is a Francis turbine?

  The Francis turbine is an inward flow turbine that is the most efficient and widely used water turbine in the world today. It works best in higher head (pressure) applic (MORE)

What is a turbine?

Turbines are generally wind generated motors which are used toproduce energy, mainly electrical energy. A turbine is an engine that uses energy from the flow of liquid.Turbine (MORE)

About tesla turbine?

A Tesla turbine consists of a set of smooth disks, with nozzles  applying a moving gas to the edge of the disk. The gases drag on  the disk by means of viscosity and the adh (MORE)

What is bleeding of turbine?

Bleed air in gas turbine engines is compressed air taken from within the engine, after the compressor stage(s) and before the fuel is injected in the burner
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What is catenary of turbine?

Catenary is the curve formed by the Turbine Rotors when they are placed on their respective Bearings.The level of each bearing and its housings are ear marked or indicated by (MORE)

Who was Dick Turbin?

Dick Turbin was a famous Highway man and he robbed every one who came in his way. To know more go on YouTube and search: "Horrible histories Dick Turbin song" and select the o (MORE)

What is a turbine helicopter?

A helicopter with a jet engine. The engine is adapted to give power to a transmission, rather than thrust.
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