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What is a turbocharger?

is a centrifugal compressor powered by a turbine which is driven by an engine's exhaust gases.
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What is the function of turbocharger?

To increase the power output of an engine when needed, it does this by increasing volumetric efficience of the engine. The turbo compressies the incoming air and forcing it in (MORE)
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What are turbochargers and superchargers?

Turbo and superchargers are examples of heat turbines used tocompress and pressurize intake air charges for higher poweroutputs. A turbocharger uses the heat energy from exhau (MORE)
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What does a turbocharger do?

There are many ways in which you can increase the power in your engine, one being that you force more air into the cylinders, to do this you use a turbo, as the exhaust gasses (MORE)
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Why does your turbocharger whistle?

If it didn't whisle before but now does, it means that something is wrong. Could be some air or exhaus gas leaking or could be some bearing worn out inside the turbo. If it is (MORE)
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Were can you get a turbocharger for a ranger?

Yes you can. I'm not sure of your knowledge of this so I'll say alot You can get a turbocharger for anything, as long as it is done the right way. What you will need wil (MORE)
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How does a turbocharger operate?

It's two fans bolted together. One of them is hooked to the exhaust manifold, the other to the intake manifold. The faster you run the engine, the more exhaust comes out; the (MORE)
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What are the parts of turbocharger?

The parts of a turbo going from front to back are: Compressor housing, inside the housing is the compressor and that compresses the air. the compressor housing is attached to (MORE)
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How do you turbocharge sbc?

The easiest way is to buy a complete turbo kit for a manufacturerfor your yr/model/setup. It will save you time, headaches andtuning issues. You don't realize how many parts a (MORE)
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Why to use turbocharger?

A turbocharger uses exhaust gases to drive a turbine which forcesmore air into the cylinders, allowing for more fuel to be burnedper cycle, resulting in increased horsepower. (MORE)