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What is a turbojet?

A turbojet is one of the very first types of jet engine. Turbojets are different than turbofans- jet engines that most modern aircraft use.
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Is there a fighter jet that uses turbojet engine?

Most if not all fighter jets use turbojet engines as they are themost efficient. The either use just the turbojet engine or it ismodified to have a afterburner which causes th (MORE)
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What is the principle of turbojet?

A turbo jet is a jet engine that is used on planes that go faster than the speed of sound (768 mph). A turbojet starts by having compressor fans which compress the air that en (MORE)
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Why are turbojet engines so noisy?

Turbojet engines, like any turbine engine are always very noisy because of the way they work. Turbine engines do not have an enclosed combustion chamber like other engines, (MORE)
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How does a turbojet engine work?

Axial Turbojet; Air enters the engine and goes through a compressor, increasing the air's pressure and temperature. The air then enters the combustor where it is mixed with fu (MORE)
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Is a turbojet engine the same as a jet engine?

Nothing, the are the same thing. Jet is just the shorter way of saying it. However, there is a difference between a turbofan and turbojet. A turbofan has a large fan at the (MORE)
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How does a turbojet provide power to aircraft?

A turbojet consists of an air inlet, an air compressor, a combustion chamber, a gas turbine and a nozzle. Through this constructions, the turbojets provide power to an aircraf (MORE)