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Are Turks Arabs?

No, The Turks are a people originally from Central Asia. It is widely believed that they originate from the Altay mountains in the west of Mongolia. The Original Turks may ha ( Full Answer )
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What is iranians turk?

In Iran, lots of Turks and Turkic peoples live. Almost 1/3 of Iran is Turkic. In addition to that, some of the governments in Iran history were Turkich governments (such as Sa ( Full Answer )
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Who were the medieval Turks?

The Turkish empire has a long history in Medieval times. It began with the fall of the Western Roman empire, leaving only the eastern Roman empire behind. This was centered ar ( Full Answer )
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What are Turks?

Turks are the people who inhabit the lands of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, Turkmenistan, Kirgizstan, and the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. There are also sub ( Full Answer )
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Who is the Turks?

A member of any of the Turkic-speaking peoples; People who are living in Turkey and have Turkish passport.
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When do turk get out?

Turks will never get out of Cyprus nor Anatolia. They stole lands that do not belong to them. They are a nomadic people who came from Turkimenstan in Central Asia. They are ba ( Full Answer )
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What do Turks drink?

nothing unusual. tea, Turkish coffee and raki (a traditional Turkish alcoholic beverage) and other popular drinks (water, coke, juice, milk, wine etc)
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What did the Turks do?

The Turks renamed Constantinople to Istanbul. They worshiped the moon. They wore fezzes and invented the myth of the Griffon.
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Who were the young Turks and what did they do?

They were the people of the ottoman empire. but did you know that there are people who are from Armenia. I mean like isn't that crazy. anyways the young turks were the people ( Full Answer )
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Are the Turks Muslims?

Yes. The overwhelming majority of Turks are Muslims. Historicallyin the Ottoman Empire, a person's ethnicity depended on theirreligion, so many Turks continue to consider Isla ( Full Answer )