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What where the weaknesses of turkey in World War 1?

  Turkey was called the 'sick man of Europe' with good reason. The Ottoman empire was becoming dramatically smaller, both in the Balkan states & in the Middle East. Despit (MORE)

Who was the leader of Turkey in World War 1?

Answer   Mehmet Resat was the ruler of Turkey during the 1st World War. Altough he was the official ruler of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was leading the country to o (MORE)

What are six facts about Turkey in World War 1?

Turkey entered the WW I on the side of Central powers. Turkish  forces repelled a joint naval and ground attack by British and  French forces in what is known now as Battle (MORE)

How many calories in 1 lb of ground turkey?

Calories in 1 lb of ground turkey There are:: . approx 480 calories in each 1 lb of raw white turkey meat with the skin removed but the turkey meat not yet ground or m (MORE)

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