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How do you bath a 2 month old puppy?

Assuming that you've determined that he actually needs cleaning (perhaps he got into something sticky), put a rectangular basin (rubber is best) in the sink, add a half inch o (MORE)
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Can you bathe a 2 week old puppy?

  yes, but you have to be very careful and not let it get too chilled or become lethargic. If the pup has a mom, there is no reason to bathe it unless its a medical proble (MORE)
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How do you if you are Turkish?

I'm assuming this question is "How do you know if you are Turkish?". You know you are Turkish if 1) You hold Turkish citizenship. 2) Your family has Turkish roots. If you (MORE)

How often can you bathe an 2 month old kitten?

You shouldn't need to bathe such a young kitten. Bathing a kitten too much can cause its skin to become dry and thus can cause skin irritations and other problems. Cats are na (MORE)

Who hated the Turkish bath?

If you are asking about the Sherlock Holmes stories, no one "hates"  the Turkish bath. In 'The Adventure of Lady Frances Carfax,' Holmes  asked Watson why he preferred "the (MORE)

How did people have a bath in World War 2?

  This widely depended on country, availability of resources due to the war and income. While wealthy Britons, for example, might have had an indoor bathroom with hot runn (MORE)

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