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Is Turkish a European or an Asian language?

Most European Languages are from the Indo-European Language Tree. This makes it easy to say that Turkish is not a European Language as it is not Indo-European. However, ther (MORE)
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What language most resembles Turkish?

Linguistically, Turkish is not closely related to French or Arabic,  however because of close collaboration between the Turks and the  French and the Arabs, there are a lot (MORE)

How do you say how are you doing in Turkish language?

nasıl yapıyorsun? - that is how you say "how are you doing?" :) objection: that translation is verbatim, but it does not carry the meaning. "nasıl yapıyorsun?" means in En (MORE)

Is the Turkish language close to the Arabic language?

No. Turkish has numerous loanwords from Arabic, but does not use Arabic grammar, Arabic base-words, Arabic letters (such as gutturals or emphatics), and retains many unique, A (MORE)
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How do you if you are Turkish?

I'm assuming this question is "How do you know if you are Turkish?". You know you are Turkish if 1) You hold Turkish citizenship. 2) Your family has Turkish roots. If you (MORE)

What language is Turkish similar to?

Turkish is probably most similar to the Transcaucasian languages (Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, etc.). It also has numerous loanwords from Arabic, French, and English, but is not re (MORE)