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What is turmoil?

-Prayer in runescape -A song by Skrillex. -Turmoil refers to the a lack of order and regulation. For example,a car crash is an instance of turmoil
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How did the Vietnam War bring turmoil?

The Vietnam War had to be fought by draftees, due to the cold war, reserves could NOT be called up and used. The draft caused the turmoil (which is why the US military went to (MORE)

What is political turmoil?

Political turmoil is when a government is in a state of confusionor agitation. A political turmoil can occur at any point in time.

What are turmoils?

Turmoil means chaos or disorder. It also has the following uses:. Turmoil (1984 video game), a 1984 video game released by Bug Byte . The Triplane Turmoil series, a 1996 (MORE)

Turmoil in a sentence?

Example sentence - It is wrong and selfish for one member of a family to act out and cause turmoil for the rest of the family.
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What is the greek word for turmoil?

Τhe equivalent words for turmoil in greek are: "αναταραχή" (anatarakhee), κρίση (kreessee), Î±Î½Î±Î²ÏÎ±ÏƒÎ¼ÏŒÏ (MORE)