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Why was the Battle of Inchon considered one of the greatest military turnarounds in American history?

  Because the campaign landed a force nearly by surprise, cutting the enemy lines in half, and the timing used to land the landing forces between high and low tides. If th (MORE)

Explain what is meant by a turnaround document and give an example of its use?

TURNAROUND DOCUMENT is a document that has been created by a computer to be used for data entry. It is a called a turnaround document because once it has been filled in by use (MORE)
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What is the difference between turnaround time and response time?

turnaround time is amount of time to execute a particular  process..   response time is amount of time it takes from when a  request was submitted until the first res (MORE)

What is the difference between turnaround and shutdown?

The programmed turnoff a chemical plant for it's maintenance after regular interval of time is called Turnaround where as unexpected turnoff of a chemical plant due to some un (MORE)

What are turnaround facts in math?

Turnaround facts in addition are numbers or parts that can be switched with the answer staying the same. For example 3+4=7 4+3=7 In subtraction the total stays the same in the (MORE)

What is the turnaround time for data recovery?

Depends on the method you are using: Data Recovery Software can take from minutes to hours depending on how large the media that needs to be recovered is.Data Recovery Service (MORE)

What are the Benefits of Turnaround Time in a banking sector?

The major benefit is that it helps in managing your time, but it is essential for any organisation that will be emphasizing on Turn around time to note that cost implication m (MORE)

Turnaround time for va condo loan approval?

It all depends. There are too many variables to give you a firm time. They include: Your credit-worthinessYour down payment percentageYour lender's parameters for lending to (MORE)
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What does the phrase 'a quick turnaround' mean?

It depends on the context used but generally "a quick turnaround" or "a fast turnarround" means something went faster than expected. This could for example be a purchase from (MORE)