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What is turnaround time?

Time it takes to get a job done and deliver the , once the job is submitted for processing. Turnaround may be as simple as unloading and r (MORE)

What is the turnaround time for data recovery?

Depends on the method you are using: . Data Recovery Software can take from minutes to hours depending on how large the media that needs to be recovered is. . Data Recovery (MORE)

When will the economy turnaround?

The governments world wide have been taking frantic steps to control the effects of this recession. The US government has sanctioned billions of dollars to help the economy. S (MORE)
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What is the Turnaround Management Association?

A non-profit, international company, Turnaround Management Association has one specific focus. It helps corporations in need of change by offering assistance with corporate r (MORE)
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What does the phrase 'a quick turnaround' mean?

It depends on the context used but generally "a quick turnaround" or "a fast turnarround" means something went faster than expected. This could for example be a purchase from (MORE)