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What was the turnip winter?

during world war one, the civilians had very little to eat for 3 years. everything went to the war front, where soldiers were assumed to need all the protein they could get. (MORE)

Is a Turnip a starch or a vegetable?

Turnip is a starchy vegetable. It is a vegetable and a starch. It is both because it is a root vegetable which is grown underground. If you want to gain some weight, starchy v (MORE)

How do you can turnips?

Answer . I have heard that turnips freeze better, but I know my father-in-law canned them. Canning was a hobby for him and he was good at it. I found this receipe hope it (MORE)

How do you cut turnip?

  * Turnip is a big tough vegetable, rather like a pumpkin, though with a thinner skin.  * You might be able to peel it with a vegetable peeler.  * Then cut it in ha (MORE)

What is turnip in Tamil?

Turnip is not Nukal. Nukal is Kohlrabies. We have to check out the Tamil name of Turnip.
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What is boring into your turnips?

A common problem among the turnip grower. I'm afraid to say the turnip worm is most likely responsible for this. They love turnips. They are immune to nearly all chemicals and (MORE)

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