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Why was Tussy Deodorant taken out of the stores?

It contained a trace amount of hydrochloric acid which, over time, will add up and really damage the individual's skin. It worked and was cheap. NO doubt some big compan ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find Tussy deodorant?

I found it by doing a 'google' . There are several places that still sell it. I bought 6. good luck. It's good stuff. also available at
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Where can you buy Tussy deoderant?

Tussy deodorant appears to be a specialty product. It can be foundand ordered on-line at Amazon and their website.
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Where can you find tussy roll on deodorant? is truly the lowest prices on the internet,don't be fooled with the other price search engines. They use aflat rate for shipping and no fees. PayPay isTu ( Full Answer )
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Why was tussy deodorant taken out of stores?

because it works and more people were using it instead of that other stuff put together. Its clean and dosen't leave residue that you can't get off.
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What does tussi ich vermisse dich mean?

Tussi can be translated as: broad squeeze bird bimbo girl/girlie chick Ich vermisse dich means I miss you.
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Is tussy deodarant still being made?

Yes it is still made and highly used but stores like Walgreens, Walmart and Dollar General have taken it out of their stores because people still use it at high demand and was ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find Tussy Rollon in a store?

Where can I purchase Tussy Roll on Deodorant in a store? Please help! This is the only one that doesn't break us out or itchy under arms.
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What actors and actresses appeared in God Tussi Great Ho - 2008?

The cast of God Tussi Great Ho - 2008 includes: Rukhsar as Madhu Prajapati Amitabh Bachchan as God Priyanka Chopra as Alia Kapoor Puneet Issar as Terrorist Satish Kaushik as B ( Full Answer )