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What does Tutsi mean?

Answer . are one of the three native peoples. Answer . is a nasty person
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What is tutsi?

They are one of three native peoples of Rwanda and Burundi in central Africa; the other two are the Twa and the Hutu.
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What is tutsi religion?

Tutsi is not a religion first of all it is an ethnic group in central Africa; in the Dominican Republic Congo
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What are the hutus and what are the tutsis?

the Hutus: they are one of the groups of people that live in Rwanda and they are most none for trying to get rid of the Tutsis the Tutsis: are the people that the Belgians le ( Full Answer )
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Hutus and tutsi?

Tribal warfare that resulted in the Rwandan Genocide of the 1990'sis believed to have its roots in class warfare. Cattle farmingfavored by the Tutsi is more profitable than th ( Full Answer )
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What did the hutus do to the tutsis?

The Hutus killed many Tutsis to scare them, so many fled (200,000 Tutsis, to be exact) from Rwanda/Burundi as refugees.
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What did the Tutsis do?

A group of people in Africa who were tall(er than the Hutu) and, during the 1900s, there was the Rwanda Genocide, and caused many Tutsis to flee Rwanda.
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What is the tutsis tribe?

The Tutsi Tribe Is an East-Central Africa Tribe Located In Rwanda and Burundi. The Hutu's are basically Tutsi slaves and do all of there work while the Tutsi get paid for it. ( Full Answer )
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Who are Hutu and Tutsi?

The hutu and tutsi are two different cultures in rawanda and they are almost identical but just a little bit different. the hutu and the tutsi have slightly different skin col ( Full Answer )
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Who is Tutsi?

The Tutsi people are the second largest Bantu group in Rwanda and Burundi, both ex-Belgian colonies in central Africa.