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Who's picture has been on tv guide cover the most?

Of course! None other than Lucille Ball, with a record breaking 39 times! :)   Actually, I can think of 2 more making the total 41! There was the last small size issue in 2 (MORE)

What happened to the wide open west cable tv guide channel?

I work for Wide Open West and the real reason behind the removal of the guide channel is due to an increase in cost to broadcast the station to the consumers. The guide channe (MORE)
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Where can one get a satellite dish TV guide?

One can get a satellite dish TV guide by visiting their official website and on the site you will find the TV guide to all channels. One can also subscribe to TV guide in orde (MORE)

Where can a satellite TV guide be found?

There are a number of places where an individual could find a satellite TV guide. For example, one could peruse the TV guide section on the TV itself. Alternatively, the inter (MORE)
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Where can you find the BRCTV TV guide?

The BRCTV TV Guide can be found by using the internet or by accessing the on-screen viewing guide on the television. This gives full details and times of everything that is t (MORE)